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The Kotlin course will guide you in Kotlin fundamentals, the concept of classes and use of OOP in Kotlin, the importance of functions, and functional manipulation. Today, it’s quite easy to get access to a wide range of resources that can help you learn Kotlin. The web is full of guides, tutorials, etc., that will help you get familiar and even build expertise in Kotlin development.

Kotlin developer guide

If you consider the most popular programming languages, you will notice that most are quite old. While they have evolved by adding advanced features and capabilities, they can still not be fully compared with a modern programming language like Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern but already mature programming language designed to make developers happier. It’s concise, safe, interoperable with Java and other languages, and provides many ways to reuse code between multiple platforms for productive programming.

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Nearly two-thirds of all programmers who have worked with it before are willing to continue to use the technology. Additionally, over 12% of all developers who don’t use Kotlin at the moment want to learn it. After learning Kotlin fundamentals from a tutorial, ensure that you use them practically so that they don’t get erased from your brain after some time. While some tutorials may guide you to work with multiple projects while learning Kotlin, it is always better to take up some projects completely on your own to hone your development skills. Like every other programming language, you need to work on relevant and challenging projects to strengthen your understanding of various concepts and become efficient in writing Kotlin code. If you want to learn Kotlin exclusively for web development, this may not be the tutorial you should opt for.

After the project is created, add Maven support by doing a right-click on the project and choosing Add Framework Support. The example above does not compile in Kotlin, because the readMethod() receives the out-projected array (only read operations allowed) and it is calling the write operation set(). Over 50% of professional Android developers use Kotlin as their primary language, while only 30% use Java as their main language. 70% of developers whose primary language is Kotlin say that Kotlin makes them more productive. Actions are code excerpts from larger programs and must be run in context.

Atomic Kotlin

Your instructor for this tutorial will be Ben Deitch, a professional Android developer and one of the highly ranked teachers at Treehouse. The whole tutorial is divided into four modules to ensure that you learn and grasp concepts well. You will get access to video lessons for learning various topics and quizzes to assess your knowledge. While the tutorial is created by Matt Greencroft, a big data expert, it is made available to individuals by Manning Publications. However, you need to note that this tutorial is ideal for individuals who already have some working experience with Java, though no prior knowledge of Kotlin is required.

Kotlin developer guide

Additionally, Kotlin can leverage a host of machine learning and mathematical JVM libraries such as Krangl, ND4J, Smile, CoreNLP, and many others. The estimated duration of this course is two weeks, and the ideal skill level is intermediate. It means that your learning experience would be best if you have at least some knowledge of programming in general and familiarity with the basic OOP (object-oriented programming) concepts.

How is Kotlin used?

Learn programming by creating working applications with JetBrains Academy, a project-based learning platform. The whole idea behind Kotlin was to support mobile devs with features they lacked but without risking that the already existing code would go to waste. For that reason, Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, as well as all its libraries, frameworks, and the JVM. Kotlin is undoubtedly a programming language created with a focus to meet the demands of today.

Kotlin developer guide

To help manage the quality of your code, Kotlin makes use of type inferencing, eliminating much of the frustrating and overly tedious syntax that Java developers face. Often, code written in Kotlin is more concise, but it also happens to be a little more complex for those used to programming in Java. This will set up a new OIDC application for you and write your Okta settings to your src/main/resources/application.properties file.

IntelliJ IDEA

Usually, the simplest way to start writing code is by making use of a source code editor. If you are unfamiliar with a source-code editor, we must tell you that it is a text editor with specialized features that allows you to read, write, and edit code productively. If you want to get up-to-speed fast, check out Educative’s Kotlin Crash Course for Programmers. You’ll learn all the language basics including variable declarations, data types and the type system to conditions, loops, functions, and exception handling.

The main function is the entry point to the application and can be declared without parameters (if your program does not need to accept command line arguments) and return nothing. The println function is part of the Kotlin Standard Library https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/android-kotlin-developer/ and prints the message and the line separator to the standard output stream. Of the Kotlin developers surveyed who are actively working, more than 60% said they currently use the language in their work projects, the report found.

The challenging part of this project would be to design the application’s front-end and place all the elements neat and organized. To be precise, there are 11 parts of this tutorial, excluding the introduction and the conclusion parts. Also, this tutorial helps you learn Kotlin concepts by developing an Android app using Android Studio. Being available online doesn’t mean that this IDE isn’t powerful; you can create and manage complex projects. Also, the best thing about this IDE is that you can write Kotlin code without any signup. An IDE will provide you with an in-built source-code editor, a debugger, a compiler, and various advanced features, such as syntax highlighting auto code completion and code refactoring.

In Java, NullPointerException causes a lot of frustration for developers, they can even be the main reason why you would experience crashes in your app. Further, it helps developers to make code more organized, readable and reusable. So, some developers opt for Kotlin to develop a concise, readable and maintainable code base. Additionally, it can be used to write web applications by transpiling to JavaScript. Kotlin then lets you use popular libraries and frameworks such as React and VueJS.